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Monthly Raffles

Offered every month, win raffle tickets at the earlybird raffle game and a walkout raffle. The raffles are each over $2,500 and are offered the following month, details are on each raffle ticket.The raffle tickets have 5 numbers on the back, all between 1-75. At the drawing, we call bingo balls until someone marks all 5 numbers on their ticket. It’s a fun way to determine a winner and it’s always a couple of thousand dollars for the winner!

Loyalty Rewards

Receive a free loyalty reward card good for reward points at every bingo session played at the Napoleon Room. We kept it real simple. We swipe your card before you purchase your bingo cards. For every dollar you spend, you receive 1 point. When you reach 200 points, you may redeem your points for a free Bingo Mate. Just keep swiping and keep redeeming! When you redeem, our registers will deduct 200 points from your card, any extra points remain on your card. Your loyalty card is free for the asking! Good luck.

Bingo Mates

Available at every bingo session, the handheld computers actually mark your bingo cards for you. It ain’t just grandma’s game no more! Buy-in prices on these Bingo Mates begin at $30, obviously you’re buying more cards than you could physically mark. For traditional bingo players, these handheld computers took awhile to catch on but these days, you’ll see almost half the bingo players using these electronic bingo dabbers. They are fully automatic and all but scream bingo when you win! Most even buy a few paper cards to play alongside the Bingo Mate computer.

Birthday Specials

All the bingo organizations offer free buy-in packs as a little birthday present to our customers. You receive these free cards at all the bingo sessions held the day before, the day of and the day after your birthday. A valid driver’s license of ID card must be presented. With at least a couple of games a day, the free buy-in packs are worth over $100 of bingo cards. But if’s it’s just one game you visit for your birthday, we’re pleased to offer this little lagniappe and appreciate you visiting. And as a little perk, if you visit on your actual birthday, let us know and we’ll throw in a little free dessert with a candle on top! Take your pick, we usually have bread pudding, cobbler, shortcake, ice-cream.

Progressive Jackpots

We offer two (2) progressive jackpots at all of our bingo sessions. One begins as a 15-ball Letter X jackpot and the other begins as a 51 ball blackout jackpot. Each progressive increases $200 each session and one ball each week until we have a winner. We have no cap on the dollar amount or the ball count.

We sell a 3-card $2 sheet for each progressive jackpot game. The cards are played along with the regular bingo game and are also good for the $300 Letter X game cash pot and the $1,000 blackout cash pot, regardless of the ball count. These are the most aggressive, progressive bingo jackpots offered in the state. We average close to 40 progressive jackpot winners a year. And while we might not have the biggest dollar amount, we have the most frequent amount of winners. So make sure your in that number when your play bingo at the Napoleon Room.